Rogue Valley Video – Aerial Video and Photography Services

Rogue Valley Video provides UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Drone aerial video and photography services to the real estate, tourism, event promotion and other markets.

Rogue Valley Video utilizes remote controlled UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) carrying camera and other equipment to take video and photos. Rogue Valley Video’s equipment resembles a helicopter but with multiple propellers and sophisticated electronics that enable stable flight necessary for aerial video and photography.

John Tomelevage of Rogue Valley Video says aerial video is fast becoming the must have feature for real estate agencies, particularly for homes with acreage. He also sees tourism, event promotion and documenting as potential markets for aerial video.

The use of remote controlled aerial vehicles is far more cost effective than renting full sized airplanes and helicopters says John Tomelevage.

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Source: Rogue Valley Video